How Close to the Water?

Everbody wants to know, ... How close to the water are you?  Well, depends on which water!  Most guests at Ober Oaks spend their time sunbathing poolside.   But, some of our guests simply must be at the water's edge on sand with salt water splashing over their toes and the salt air filling their lungs ... with its magical effects.  Ober Oaks is only 352 yards from our own quaint beach space.  The beach at Harbor Landing sports a couple Adirondack chairs, sand, and the most magnificent sunsets around.  

Aerials and Such

Three Mile Harbor


Three Mile Harbor is just  412 sylvan footsteps from Ober Oaks. 

Bright Blue Waters


The waters of the pool are bright bright blue and highly visible from above.

The inflatables are a Hit!


The kids love hopping up and off the  gigantic pink flamingo.


Wooded Path


At the foot of our cul-de-sac is a well groomed footpath to the water.

Stand Up & Paddle


Dayton Island is just offshore , grab your board and saunter on down to the water and out and about the harbor.   Paddle Diva one of the largest SUP outfitters is just up the way and sets up on these same waters.