About Us

Just how tall are those oak trees?

The oak trees that surround the property are so prevalent, and the sylvan serenity they bring so peaceful and quiet, we named the house Ober Oaks.  There's a bit more to it, though, than just our many oak trees.  

Anita Ober developed this property in the early 90's while working in Manhattan and living on the Upper East Side. This was her weekend escape and she was enormously proud of what she built here in the Hamptons ... and she loved Springs Hamlet.  

After retirement, Mrs. Ober acquired a place in her homeland of Germany, in Munich.  We visited often and became quite fond of Deutsche Eiche, a quaint but modern hotel right in the heart of Munich just a few blocks from City Hall and MarionPlatz.  Deutsche Eiche translates to German Oaks.  So, as a salute to the now departed Anita Ober, and with a nod to her German heritage, we dubbed this home Ober, which means "upper" in German and "oaks", which is eiche.  

Your hosts have many years of hotel management and hospitality marketing.  We hope to best even Bavaria's best  in extending a warm welcome to you.